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Life insurance is the most impactful, but least understood, financial tool available today.


The life insurance industry has routinely failed clients and has the reputation it deserves. Most clients are not afforded transparency nor the ability to make an informed decision. We are painfully aware of this dynamic and work every day to produce a better outcome.


We are proud to say we sell life insurance. At RFG Wealth Management, we live for the moment when we are clear about your goals, concerns and worries. This starts a process that leads to a more predictable future for you and your family, while maximizing the impact and enjoyment of your wealth.

The greatest risk to a life insurance policy is neglect. Life insurance requires ongoing attention and needs to be regularly reviewed and assess. Over 80% of all policies are expected to lapse without providing any value to the policyholder or their family

Our goal is to discover exactly what keeps you up at night so we can plan for a future with more certainty, less fear, and greater security for your legacy, family, business or charities.

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